This page focuses on what to consider before you move abroad, providing some helpful tips and suggestions. Module 3 of our Euro-quest resource deals with this comprehensively.
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Before moving to another country to study, you should ensure that you familiarise yourself with the culture and language. 

You might also research the cost of living in your chosen country, including the cost and availability of accommodation

Practical issues:

Similar to planning a holiday, it is critically important that you check that your passport is valid for when you plan to travel and in good condition.
In addition to your passport, other useful documents to bring with you include:

  • Your student card
  • European Health Insurance Card and/or other documents relating to health insurance.

As an Irish resident you are entitled to get healthcare through the public system in countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland if you become ill or injured while on a temporary stay there but you need to have your card for this. You can download an application form from or get it from your Local Health Office. Tehe card is free of charge and you should apply for the card at least one month before travelling if possible.(Source -

For further information on the EHIC scheme click HERE

  • Complete your new Europass profile, especially if you need to work. Check also that you are entitled to work as a student in your host country
  • Include any relevant certificates from education or training courses you have completed in your new Europass profile
  • Contact information for your nearest Irish embassy/consulate in the country to which you will be travelling

For further information see:

The “Leaving Ireland for Europe” guide produced by Crosscare Migrant Project also provides information on moving to another European country. also provides information and advice for students going abroad.


Whether you will be studying through the language or not, it is a wonderful opportunity to brush up or learn a new language.You’d be surprised where languages can take you!

Discover some reasons why learning a language can be a real asset:

Reflect on the importance of languages in your life:

Look at some Irish people who use foreign languages at work every day:

Where can you start?

Download an app, practice with friends, watch movies in the language, read the country news online etc.