What are my options?


General Information:

Essential info on study programmes, scholarships and student life across Europe


Did you know ?
Many courses in European Universities are delivered through English ? Check out the 'Study in' websites further down for more...

Country profiles:

This provides a very useful overview of each education system.


Study in websites:

The” Study in…” websites of different countries often provide good information about study opportunities for those coming from another country. They include all sorts of practical information about living in the country.

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Part Study Abroad

You may not wish to study abroad for the entire duration of your studies. You may however wish to complete an exchange, spend a semester, or maybe a year abroad, as part of your course. If so, you may be interested in an Erasmus+ placement.


If you are in higher education, see www.eurireland.ie and consult the International Office in your institution

If you are in the school, further education or youth sector, see www.leargas.ie and consult the relevant staff in your institution.

Erasmus+ Postgraduate Study

Erasmus+ offers an internationally recognized Joint Master’s Degree (JMD) in over thirty countries across the European Union.