Financing your studies

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If you are eligible for a grant from SUSI in Ireland, you may be eligible to retain the maintenance allowance which assists with funding accommodation, books, travel etc. if moving to study abroad.

If you wish to attend an undergraduate course outside the Republic of Ireland but within the EU, the course must meet the following conditions;

- It is a full-time course that leads to a major education and training award, in line with the National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent.                                                                                          

- It is held in a publicly funded institution.

- It is at least two years' duration.
If the course does not meet all of the above criteria then it will not be eligible for funding. 
Courses outside the EU are not eligible.

To be eligible for a maintenance grant you must have been resident in Ireland for three of the last five years.

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Postgraduate courses outside the Republic of Ireland are not eligible for funding, with the exception of certain approved courses in Northern Ireland. 

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For further information check SUSI’s website