CPD Mobility Guidance Counselling

Mobility Guidance Counselling Module
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‘’An excellent overview of a systematic approach to supporting a student before, during and after a foreign learning experience."
"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of exploration at each stage of the module and the wide range of related resources.

With a growing number of students going abroad to study, either as part of an Erasmus+ exchange or for the entire duration of their degree; in 2015 Euroguidance Ireland, with the support of Euroguidance Sweden and Soren Kristensen (an expert in Youth Mobility) designed a CPD module to support guidance counsellors in developing the skills they need to support students in their quest to study, work or volunteer abroad. 

The emphasis is on the process of mobility, the course explores how the guidance counsellor can support the student's through 3 phases of mobility - preparation, induction and re-integration. It includes information on the practical, linguistic, cultural and mental preparation students should undertake prior to going abroad. It addresses the issue of contracts between hosting and sending institutions, supports for students while abroad and underscores the importance of reintegration for students on their return home.
Nearly 100 Irish Guidance Counsellors have enrolled onto the course since its official launch in February 2016 and there has been an increased level of interest from other European Guidance practitioners.
The module is divided into 4 parts and may be completed at the convenience of the individual Guidance Counsellor. The module is free and available online, through NCGE’s Virtual Learning Environment: (https://vle.ncge.ie/) and is recognised by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors for the purpose of CPD.