Technical FAQs

How can students use the 'editable' WORKBOOKS?

All modulairsed WORKBOOKS are available to students on their course page and are editable; with spaces displayed where students can type into the documents directly.

Each student will need to first download a copy of each Module Workbook in a chosen format (Word / PDF)

The Student modularised (and full) WORBOOKS are uploaded to the 'Teacher Resources' section of the Teacher Course on and can be accessed by students directly from their course page(s).
You can also access them at -

1. Using WORD versions

Students and Teachers may find it easier to access, share and complete the Word versions.

2. Using PDF versions

A - Students can download the relevant PDF(s) and open utilising the 'Adobe Acrobat' software.
Completion can take place within Adobe Acrobat and the individual student file(s) then continued to be saved locally to the device being used or to a shared drive space.
(**Please see note below in relation to Google Drive**)

Dependent on Adobe software being available.

B - Students can open, complete and save the PDF(s) using an internet browser.
Further instructions on accessing and completing through the 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' (also applicable to 'Microsoft Edge') and 'Google Chrome' web browsesr can be seen in the videos below.
Dependent on browser software being available / accessible.

Click on the 'airplane' icon top right to obtain a link for the videos that can be shared directly with students if required.

Please note - by default these PDFs cannot be edited within Google Drive*

Students can upload completed versions to a Google Drive space for your review, however if these are not complete, i.e. there is outstanding content to be entered, the student will have to again first save 'locally' and then re upload to the drive space each time additional completed content is due to be submitted.

*It is possible to enable the completion of PDFs within Google Drive through the installation of 3rd party plug ins.
If you are confident in managing this installation and have permission to access and install you can find more information online (recommendated search term - 'fill pdf within Google Drive')

'Pop up Windows' wont display for me?

To support LEADER and TEACHER delivery in a group context, the online Modules play as ‘pop up’ windows. This allows for the expansion of these elements to ‘full screen’.
Some schools have submitted a technical query in relation to ‘pop ups’ not displaying on the course pages (for LEADERS and TEACHERS).
The below PDF document will hopefully assist in addressing this issue (if it arises for you).

Enabling 'pop ups'

This has also been uploaded to the ‘Additional Resources’ folder under the ‘Teaching Resource’s tab on the course page.
The module display settings for STUDENTS has been deliberately set so that all modules play within the same window, this means STUDENTS will not experience any issue in relation to pop up requests.