European Schools - THE 'CAO'

The Central Applications Office (CAO) centrally processes applications for entry to the first year of undergraduate courses in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Republic of Ireland. It also issues offers to applicants, when instructed to do so by HEIs, and records acceptances. The CAO processes, on behalf of the HEIs, school-leavers presenting qualifications from other EU/EFTA countries as well as applications from Irish school-leavers presenting Leaving Certificate qualifications.

Below you will find 2 x documents that will assist you in making your application to the CAO.

The CAO system explained
This resource gives an overview of the Irish 'Central Applications Office' (CAO), the point system, a list of useful resources, timetable for events and some frequently asked questions from EB students related to applying to the CAO.

Additional CAO documentation (EU Applicants)
This resource outlines the documents generally necessary for EU applicants when applying to the CAO.

The CAO Online Handbook (2022) available HERE should also be consulted.

The additional information from the CAO below is also available HERE

  • Applying to CAO 2022 presentation
  • 2022 Dates and Tips
  • Accepting an offer versus not accepting
  • Important Dates
  • How offers are issued
  • CAO Course Choices DOs and DON'Ts
  • Statement of Application Record
  • CAO Handbook Poster


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