‘Euro-Quest’ Ambassador programme

This NEW programme provides a framework and incentive for schools to raise awareness of the value of mobility, for TY students and the whole school community. 
The programme will ideally be led by a Guidance Counsellor, in collaboration with colleagues. It involves the completion of 3  tasks:

  • The completion of the Euro-quest modules with students

  • The completion of a new Europass profile with students

  • One other task of your choice - ideas / options are provided in the INFORMATION SHEET below

All tasks can be completed in person or in the virtual classroom environment - offering flexibility at the current time!

Download the 'INFORMATION SHEET' below and click HERE to register to take part.

Euroguidance Ireland / Languages Connect 'Careers with Languages Competition'

A good command of European languages can open many doors! 
This competition is designed to invite students to learn about the career possibilities that languages (MFL & Gaeilge) can bring, in particular, the attractive role of an Interpreter for the European Union! 
Students will also develop valuable career management skills along the way by completing their full Europass profile, CV and cover letter for entry.