Guidance in the European Schools

The European Schools guidance provision is co-ordinated by NCGE and is delivered by qualified Guidance Counsellors

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) provides funding for access to appropriate guidance for the children of Irish parents who are enrolled in the 13 European Schools in 6 European countries. This service is coordinated by the National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE)  / Euroguidance Ireland and is delivered by qualified guidance counsellors recognised by the DES.

This guidance support is intended to supplement, but not replace, the guidance support already available to students in the European Schools. It is directed specifically to the needs of Irish students who may be considering an application to Irish third-level institutions and who have questions regarding general entry requirements, particular course requirements, application procedures and deadlines.

The service is provided in the autumn term each year.

In European Schools with larger numbers of Irish students (usually the schools in Brussels and Luxembourg), an Irish guidance counsellor visits the school. The guidance counsellor generally meets with each Year 6 and 7 student individually, and, as appropriate, with groups from Years 4, 5 . In some cases, the guidance counsellor also meets with parents of Years 6 and 7 on a designated evening during the visit.  

In the case of schools with smaller numbers of Irish students, an Irish guidance counsellor provides a service by means of Skype or an equivalent system, by prior arrangement with the school. 

Information on equivalences between the EB and national systems can be found in a document published annually on the ES website. 
Information is also available on the website of the Central Applications Office
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