Euro-Quest - School Registration

To deliver Euro-Quest in your school, please first complete the form below.


The delivery of the Euro-Quest programme requires that a member of school staff (ideally the Guidance Counsellor or TY Coordinator) assume the role of 'Euro-Quest Leader'.
In support of students, the Euro-Quest Leader will register and access a unique (Leader) course page and has responsibility for the following:

  • the in-school coordination of delivery (across departments / subject areas - where required)
  • for the purposes of feedback and evaluation - the completion of pre and post delivery questionnaires
  • to be the main point of contact between NCGE/Euroguidance Ireland in relation to programme delivery

Please indicate below that you understand and agree.

In order to provide additional details and enable student / teacher enrolment we need to be advised of who will be the leader in your school.
Please return and complete this form once known. If you have any additional query in the interim, please enter this in the box below.

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