The opportunities that have become apparent throughout this Erasmus year are something I cannot explain! I have just finished an eight day stay in Spain where I visited one of my closest friends. She is also studying International Business and has spent the last six months studying in Alcala, a short distance from the capital, Madrid. While there I visited some of the most iconic features in Madrid. Some of which included a tour of the famous Bernabeu Stadium (which was UNBELIEVABLE) as well as walking along Grand Via. In addition to this we also took a boat out in Retiro Park as the weather was fantasic at the time!

This trip cost me almost nothing considering accommodation wasn’t a factor! I got to experience Spanish culture, food and customs and even met some exchange students from surrounding cities which was awesome! We compared experiences and laughed about the time it took to adapt to some of the changes in our countries of choice, which made for great conversation!

German students are currently on a “mid semester break”. During this time many students travel south and go skiing but the weather was quite mild this winter so many had to change their plans. Many Erasmus students, like myself take it as an opportunity to travel and see more of what Europe has to offer.

With this in mind, I decided to travel home and spend ten days with my family as when semester two does start back and eventually it will, I won’t return to Ireland until mid-August which is a long while. For anyone on Erasmus or preparing to travel next year you will understand that coming home and being fed a roast dinner is something you crave while away! The food is Germany is great, but (and excuse the cliché) nothing beats mammy’s cooking!

Moreover, it’s great to be home and visit friends and of course my younger sister. The majority of my friends are bogged down with their FYP (final year projects), a word I did not know much to my friends disgust! Others are handing in the thesis, which is something I can’t even bear to put too much thought into right now! Without lying, my primary concern is how I am going to fund the trip to Prague myself and other friends have begun discussing! This sickens many of my friends, but my mind-set is clear. In just a few months I will at home, or more than likely in the library studying and wishing I could wind back the clock and do this all again and with that in mind I intend to make this one to remember!! Traveling opens your eyes to so much and I never want to stop! Life can’t get much better than Erasmus!!


Date of post: 
Saturday, March 1, 2014