Surprises in Paderborn

I have now been a resident of Paderborn for two months and being honest it feels like longer. This really feels like my home now. I have a great circle of friends around me, a part time job and I am also a member of the local football team too which is great! We are getting so many opportunities here. Just last week we got to meet the Mayor of Paderborn who talked with us all and gave us some great information about the history of the City.

Being three of the four International students studying business through German is a bit crazy but I have no doubt it will stand to us after the full academic year. The lecturers and fellow students are eager to help us and have a lot of patience when we are confused.  It is a chance to really broaden our language and helps us to understand the accent and dialects much quicker. The classes here tend to last about 1 hour and 45 minutes which initially was difficult but I find it a lot better. The work is covered quickly and so you have more time to go home and grasp all the concepts.

The social life is not surprisingly very similar to that in Ireland. I have friends in Spain who don’t head out until about one in the morning!!  But similar to at home the nightclubs tend to close early over here. One of the few places that will stay open late is The Auld Triangle, where I work. Depending on the crowd the pub has been known to stay open until 6 am! This is completely legal!

Paderborn is treating me very well.  The college suits me and I am enjoying the opportunities to visit surrounding cities and meet new and interesting people. The only major surprise is how quickly I have settled into the area. I am really happy right now and am confident I am making the most of my Erasmus year!!

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Date of post: 
Friday, December 13, 2013