Post Christmas Exams / Second Semester registration

I have been very lucky this past Semester! I have managed to receive most credits without doing any major exams! Most modules included presentations and short essays which on reflection was a major relief. I have of course done German exams but most have been in my language modules. This Thursday will be my first German exam through Business and it is a scary prospect.  The exam halls here are no bigger than those we sit in at home in DCU but something about the whole experience will make it a lot more intense!

Along with this worry, registration for the second Semester begins today too! This coming Semester I must study all business modules through German (minimum 4) and obtain credits from various language modules also. It will be more difficult than last semester, with what is sure to be a much heavier work load. However, I feel I am ready to knuckle down for this semester as I’m not facing the same fears I did this time last September.

Registration is basically the time period we have to apply for our preferred class of study. We can meet with Lecturers and discuss the various requirements and prerequisites often necessary. We have approx. two weeks to look through various classes. This is something which was very new to us! At home we are told the modules we will be taking and often our first chance to choose will be our specialism in fourth year (which is coming all too soon!! ). We can use this year to study in our area of interest and see whether specialising in this area would be something that would interest us!

This time of the Semester is always a hard one. Not only are we studying for exams and preparing classes for early April but we are also saying goodbye to the friends we made during our time here. A lot of students study for one semester abroad and then travel back to their home University to complete the academic year. With friends returning to Holland, China, Hungary and Korea lots of reunions are sure to be planned in the future!!

Date of post: 
Friday, January 10, 2014