Exam Fever

Exam fever is in full swing right now here in Germany. Although my second semester doesn’t officially end until the end of July/ beginning of August I am under a lot of pressure with assignments. Just this week I had an oral exam in Communication and Leadership as well as an exam based on Sports Economics.In comparison to last semester my work load is a lot heavier and so I can really feel my language benefiting from all the intense learning! Of course the negative side to this is I know all too well what time the library opens and closes at! Something no exchange student should need to know in my opinion.

Of course with all this study it is equally important to take some time to relax and enjoy the moment. The weather here in Germany at the moment is fantastic and so we have the opportunity to have a barbeque a few times a week!

Just two weeks ago I also attended a soccer match here in Paderborn. Not just any match though, it was the match that allowed Paderborn to be promoted into the Budesliga, which as any football fan knows is a huge accomplishment!! The city went crazy here for the weekend and it was a fantastic experience. I was very lucky that a close friend had a spare ticket to the match. A lot of my German friends were very jealous!!

My final exams won’t begin for another few weeks but I have had to start preparing due to the amount of material and the language barrier! My time in Germany is coming to an end now with just two short months left, which is quite scary! Germany is a little different in comparison to Ireland. I know (from all the statuses on Facebook) that DCU and other colleges are now finishing up for the summer which I am super jealous of! However, I wouldn’t wish my last few weeks away here in Germany as I have too much planned!!



Date of post: 
Friday, May 30, 2014