Easter in Paderborn

Easter in one of the bigger festivals celebrated in Germany.  The local stores decorate their windows with painted chocolate eggs and the supermarkets, much like in Ireland, are filled with different chocolate treats. The painted egg, which is traditional here in Germany is said to symbolise new life. Often, in schools, children decorate the various eggs and bring them home to their parents adding to the excitement of this festive time. Supermarkets are full of people too who stock up their fridges as the shops close for the entire weekend! It also means getting a few days off from college. A long weekend is always a good thing! Families also gather together and celebrate over the long weekend. This usually entails dinner and a catch up with all the generations of the family.

For us, here in Germany, holidays are plentiful at the moment. The second semester has only just begun, and now we have a long weekend to enjoy! Easter is a little different this year. I am accustomed to a nice roast dinner prepared by my parents which never disappoints. This year, I am preparing a nice meal with my flatmates but we will be keeping things as simple as possible to avoid any devastation in the kitchen!

Because of all the free time I have been having I have been able to do some more traveling and just last weekend spent some time with friends in Paris. We, of course, did all the tourist things and really enjoyed it! The Eiffel tour looks amazing at night and the boat trip we took along the river Seine was one of the most amazing things I have ever took part in. The city is so tranquil and differs greatly to Germany in my opinion. The atmosphere apparent in the city was something I found wonderful!

I have also started to visit other surrounding cities and am keen to take advantage of my location. With second semester just starting it is going to get crazy again but I am excited to take advantage of the last few months I have here! With plans to travel to Budapest and Krakow I am filled with enthusiasm! SO many new Erasmus students have just arrived here also giving me the chance to get to know people from new places like Turkey, Finland and Russia .Every day I am meeting new people and doing things I have never done before i.e. Ultimate Frisbee. (This is a fantastic sport)But it’s great to just get out of your comfort zone and try all these things. That, for me, is going to be the best part of this whole experience!!

Date of post: 
Friday, April 18, 2014