Claire settling in

Settling into Paderborn has been an unbelievable experience. As I have said this is a small city in Germany but one I love to be part of! I am here now two months and it really feels like home. College began two weeks ago and so it isn't too stressful yet. One thing I will say is that the weather is taking a turn for the worst. Winter is truly upon us! Unfortunately!

Not surprisingly I am still meeting new people which is fantastic and really exciting. Just last week I joined the college football team and am really loving it! All the other girls are German and so it’s crazy being shouted out during a match "auf Deutsch" but still great.

My sister and friends came to visit me this weekend also which was a nice break for everyone. I gave them a tour of the city, and we also got the opportunity to travel to a neighbouring city and do some shopping! Dortmund is a beautiful city, located not too far from Paderborn and is well known for its shops.

We are really settling in quite well here in this little city which should be reassuring for all my friends who plan to travel abroad on Erasmus next semester. This year is one full of opportunity and I am talking advantage of all the resources made available to us here.

As I have said, I also have a part time job here and it has so many benefits! Firstly, it gives me the opportunity to plan lots of trips and travel Europe on the extra money I earn. I am also lucky enough to work with some great people who encourage me to improve my German with the customers, which can be funny at times ! ha ha

I am honestly so shocked at how fast the first two months here have passed as its only two months until Christmas now.  It is crazy! It makes me more motivated to get busy and make the most of this adventure! And with plans to visit Berlin and Barcelona before the year is out, I think I am doing a pretty good job! J

More importantly my German has also improved. I try to listen to the radio for a little while each day as I have always had difficulty understanding the different dialects. I find listening to the news and weather improves my vocabulary and listening skills! Luckily, I also get to spend time with German friends who are more than willing to tell me when I make no sense! I appreciate this, even if it can be embarrassing at times! I am really happy with the progress I am making and feel confident that I will be fluent by the end of the academic year!


Bis bald, Claire x

Date of post: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013