Claire’s decision to go on Erasmus and the supports she found on the way

So basically I have always been interested in travelling and when in school I decided that I wanted to pick a course that allowed me to travel the world and meet new people. The International Business degree in DCU does just that - allowing me to study in a college of my choice, depending on my language. Our college has partnerships with many colleges throughout Germany and after much deliberation, myself and two friends decided that Paderborn - a small city located in the centre of Germany- was the place for us!    

To be honest, I had never heard of Paderborn and for a long time had my heart set on going to Berlin. Then again,  such a  big city can be over whelming. The University in Paderborn is know for being a friendly, international based college with lots of opportunities for social engagment, sport and general good fun with students from America, Asia and Europe attending yearly. This smaller society appealed to me as I think it will be easier to settle and make good friends!

The application process was an easy one, thanks to both my home college and Paderborn. We simply filled in a form with our accomadation and study preferences and made sure to pass all exams in the summer in order to travel over, which I did- Phew

Not long after applying we were allocated our housing and I was given a house with my two friends located about twenty minutes from the college which was ideal! After that we just received information on the different courses we could avail of during our year and what they consisted of. We had great opportunities to avail of language courses during our first month which I also applied for ! With this course we get the opportunity to advance our language level by listening and speaking with native speakers which is truely invaluable!! We also got booklets on the city of Paderborn and the various attractions we could go and visit.

The German language is something I have always been interested in and after taking part in various exchanges and spending time there during the summer, I knew a course like this was perfect for me. During this time I fell in love with the people, their culture and the food this beautiful country has to offer! Everyone knows that in order to master a language it is essential to spend time in that country and that’s exactly what I am doing. No doubt it will have its challenges but I am excited! Very excited!!

As regards the whole leaving aspect it doesn’t bother me too much. I enjoy travelling and being more independent, but knowing my family is a two hour flight away helps too I guess. My parents are so supportive of my eagerness to travel and only regret not seeing more of the world themselves so they love to see me exploring and experiencing new things!! Not only are my parents suuportive but so are my friends and my younger sister, Ciara. Ciara threw a little get together for me, which was great, as I got to spend one last night out with all my close friends before departing on my big adventure!

Challenges have always excited me and no doubt this year will be one of my biggest challenges to date but I expect it will be a great one! I plan to make friends and memories to last a life time!! 

Bis Bald ( Talk soon )

Date of post: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013