Euro-Quest: Whole School (Teacher) Guidebook and accompanying teaching resources

Below you will find a copy of the Euro-Quest Whole School Guidebook.
This Guidebook is prepared for use by Guidance Counsellors and a team of teachers in other subjects to collaborate to deliver this course together.

In addition to thise 'core' supporting document for school staff, there are 6 x additional resources provided:

  • Further resources for Euro-Quest
  • A sample class delivery plan
  • An introduction to potential 'inter subject' links
  • A sample Inter-Subject planning template (completed)
  • A sample Inter-Subject planning template (blank for your own use)
  • An additional document relating to the 'optional' addition to Module 3 - 'Exploring Internships in Europe'

All documents (and the additional 'Exploring Internships in Europe' Module link) are also uploaded to the 'Teacher Resources' section of the
Leader / Teacher course page on



Wednesday, March 9, 2022