Euroguidance Peer Review

Beginning in  2020, the Euroguidance Centres in Estonia, France and Ireland, all members of the Euroguidance (EG) Network, decided to adopt a peer learning process using a ‘critical friend’ approach to assess current practices. The aim was to build on past achievements while also providing insights that might guide future activities and support new areas of growth.

This exercise was intended as a mechanism to mutually evaluate the quality of the services provided by the three centres within the Network and to reflect on the impact of their activities.

Recommendations from the ‘Network-level Review of Euroguidance Evaluation and Impact Measures’ were also considered in the process, in particular the recommendation to “focus future peer learning, collaboration and exchange efforts for Network staff on evaluation and impact measurement and on the development and use of associated tools, mechanisms and approaches”.

The peer review process took place in a professional context of reflection, exchange of practices and mutual learning.

This report outlines the Peer Review Team and Country Reflections on the overall outcomes and the processes involved. Also included within this report are the final Peer Review Executive Summary reports for each of the three countries.

Peer Review - Team Reflection